Roadtrip '06

Photos, sounds, and thoughts from my six week cross country road trip.

Exploring New York City, Part 2

Further investigation of New York City. Topics include: history, garbage, architecture, games between men and women, and a sobering scene I happened upon one night.

What's the Matter With Chernoff Faces?

Herman Chernoff's method of depicting multivariate data by encoding it in human faces is a good idea, and yet Chernoff Faces are rarely used. I suggest a reason why they have failed and propose an alternative.

Exploring New York City

On the streets, in the subways, above the water, amidst the trash; in prose, images, and sound: experiments and observations in New York City.

Bicycling With Iliotibial Band Syndrome

ITBS is a problem, especially common among runners, in which a tendon rubs painfully against the outside of the knee. I have researched and experimented with this condition in the context of bicycling and share my findings here.

Baseball Geography and Transportation

New modes of transportation have affected far more in baseball than how the players travel. They have influenced the shape of the field of play itself and made possible one of the most heartwrenching moves in baseball franchise history.

Pennant Race Graphs

See graphs of every MLB pennant race 1901 through 2004. You can also read about why I track the number of games above or below .500 instead of winning percentage.

Baseball Scorecard Gallery

There are myriad ways of recording baseball data on paper. Every scorekeeper has their own style and no two scorecards at the park are identical. Here is a growing collection of some of the most unique scorecards I've come across.

Road Trip '04

Diary of a five-week cross-country road trip: along the east coast, across the South, down the Grand Canyon, up the California coast, back east through the great plains and into trouble with the fuzz.

History and Taxonomy of Distilled Spirits

For nearly 3,000 years people have been making potent spirits for medicinal and recreational purposes. In recent history, worldwide distribution has made it possible for us to taste beverages from around the world. This article gives an overview of the available products.

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