1955 Pennant Races


Y-axis shows games above or below .500. If you're confused, read about why I don't graph winning pct.

See league statistical data for 1955: NL AL

National League

pennant race graph

American League

pennant race graph

I dedicate these graphs to John Warner Davenport who self-published Baseball's Pennant Races: A Graphic View in 1981. Thanks to the Internet, the affordable personal computer, and Retrosheet I was able to accomplish sitting at my desk in a weekend what in 1980 took weeks of travel (to a rare library with adequate microfilm and reader), painstaking work (scanning newspapers, colleting data, drawing graphs, assembling book by hand), risk (will anyone buy it?), and patience (waiting for printing, distribution, etc). The book also includes commentary on every race and is well worth purchasing if you can find a copy. Thanks for your work, John!

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